Rechtsanwältin Katharina Kock

Personal. Experienced. Assertive.

Katharina Kock, lawyer - specialist in criminal law

I am pleased that you have found your way to me. I have specialised in advising and defending in criminal proceedings for more than 20 years.

I defend in all classic areas of criminal law (general criminal law including juvenile criminal law and traffic criminal law). In addition, I have a particular focus on competition criminal law, medical criminal law, commercial criminal law, criminal tax law, criminal labour law and representation in international mutual legal assistance proceedings (in particular proceedings in connection with European arrest warrants).

This long-standing specialisation in criminal law ensures a high level of experience and competence both in advising and defending individuals in the run-up to investigations as well as in preliminary and main proceedings and all appeal instances (appeal, revision) and in advising and representing companies in the run-up to and in all stages of criminal and administrative fine proceedings.

Of course, I will also accompany you or employees of your company as witness counsel.

If you are affected by an arrest or search, please contact me at any time on the telephone number of my law firm +49 69 210296-0.